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Additional Services

Additional Services

Not only provides air and ocean freight services, 3SPC Cargo also provides other services to support the needs of our customers.

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Distribution within Indonesia Archipelago

We make sure your products are sent safely and quickly, including domestic shipping to all islands in Indonesia.

Overland Transportation

3SPC Cargo serves land expeditions for goods in large quantities. This service is right for you business people who want to ship large quantities of goods to all provinces in Indonesia.


Warehousing is a key component of an integrated logistics and shipping system for companies who are looking for effective cost methods of distributing your products. We have a sophisticated warehousing and distribution center for our business partners, including the ability to pick up and package various commodities for shipping directly to customers.


We also provide good packaging services for large quantities of goods, making them safe while traveling to your destination.


3SPC Cargo provides insurance services for short distance inter-island shipping, within cities, between cities, or for shipping export and import goods. We guarantee your goods will remain safe during the journey to the destination location.

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